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Telecommunication  Services Tailored to Your Needs

Telecommunication Services Tailored to Your Needs

TELCAST, a California-based leader in network solutions. With over 28 years of experience, we are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge services, from Cat6e cable installations to fiber optic installations. Our commitment to excellence ensures reliable connectivity, robust wireless access, and efficient cable management. Experience top-tier solutions tailored to elevate your network's performance.

What We Do

Elevate your network capabilities with telecom consulting services. Our services include:

Cat6e Cable Installations

As a leading authority in Cat6e cable installations, TELCAST delivers top-tier network solutions, ensuring robust and dependable connectivity for businesses across California.

VoIP Consulting Services

TELCAST offers design, implement, and maintain VoIP networks, Plan and coordinate VoIP network upgrades and expansions, Monitor VoIP network performance and identify potential issues. Resolve VoIP network problems in a timely manner.

Wireless Access Points

TELCAST offers robust wireless access points to augment your network's wireless coverage. Our reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity keeps businesses connected and productive.

Cable Testing, Analysis, and Certification

With comprehensive cable testing, analysis, and certification services, TELCAST guarantees correctly installed cabling systems that meet industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and compliance.

Ladder Racking (Cable Trays)

TELCAST's ladder rack solutions offer secure, flexible, and efficient cable management, enhancing network performance and longevity while ensuring a well-organized infrastructure.

Cable Management

Our cable management services ensure the orderly arrangement and maintenance of all cable types, enhancing network efficiency and reducing potential hazards.

Rack and Stack

TELCAST's rack and stack services optimize network equipment organization, providing easy access and efficient space utilization for a well-managed network infrastructure.

L1 & L2 Type Of Work

Specializing in L1 type of work, TELCAST delivers top-quality network installations and maintenance, ensuring high standards of performance and reliability.

Fiber Optic Installations and Testing

Our efficient fiber optic installation and testing services guarantee high-speed data transmission, enabling businesses to maintain superior network performance.

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